• Requirements to join this level:

    In order to register for this course, you don't need any previous experience with the language. You should be able to have at least 3 hours a week for extra practice at home.

    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    -Greet someone (according to the time of the day) -Introduce yourself and someone else (name, age, profession, residence, nationality).

    -Ask and give personal information (phone number, e-mail, etc).

    -Know the numbers from 1-1000

    -Talk about your family and describe someone physically (basic descriptions).

    -Talk about your likes and dislikes

    -Talk about your everyday routines.

    -Buy in a store. Ask questions and reply. Ask for the price.

    -Talk about your city.

    Books info:


    You can buy the book Aula Internacional PLUS 1 (Difusión Publisher)


    -www.amazon.es or any Amazon, really.




    This is how the book looks like




    If you have any questions or would like a meeting with us, let us know at info@spanishlessonsamsterdam.com



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